Legal Services

Central Arkansas Legal Services I Handle (also Central Florida Legal Services)

  • Business acquisitions, sales, and mergers
  • Business start up and succession planning
  • Elder law and incapacity planning
  • Estate and tax planning (integrated with financial planning through BRS Consulting, visit for more information)
  • Insurance law and compliance
  • Non-profit exemption, startup, and compliance
  • Securities law and compliance

Litigation / Legal Services

Although I am licensed to practice law in Arkansas and Florida (where I focus in Central Arkansas legal services and Central Florida legal services), I am very selective about the kinds of litigation matters I accept. Most often, I will serve as legal consultant for my clients by helping them select the best litigation or trial attorneys for their needs and providing legal oversight in the litigation on behalf of my clients, including personal injury and wrongful death cases. For my clients who own a business, I often serve as general legal counsel similar to the way an in-house corporate counsel serves the interests of a large corporation. At times, however, whenever it is suitable and my client requests me to be actively involved in the litigation, I will serve as co-counsel in civil litigation matters with the attorneys I help my clients select.

From 1987 through 1999, I engaged in extensive family law and general civil litigation in Central Florida. However, now as a general rule I rarely engage in family law litigation. I refer most family law litigation matters to attorneys in Central Arkansas and Central Florida who share my beliefs and practice regarding family law. I take special care to make sure you find the best attorney for your case. For special cases or clients, I may handle the case solo or as the lead attorney working with the attorneys to whom I refer cases as co-counsel.

These are the Central Arkansas legal services I provide in relation to family law and other litigation matters focus on peacemaking, conciliation, collaboration, and reconciliation of relationships. I help my clients practice peacemaking and conciliation with a view to reconciliation first. Closely connected to this, I help my clients develop comprehensive life stewardship and financial plans, become generous stewards, and build lasting legacies through my firm, BRS Consulting (